After sales service

After sales service

Because a product is made to last, your GROUPE SOREPCO stores welcome you to its after-sales service area for all maintenance and repair work on your products.

After sales service at the heart of our quality approach

Because SOREPCO S.A wishes to assure you of a purchase in all serenity, our after-sales service will support you for all maintenance or repair needs for your product.
All our services are also recorded and reported to our quality experts in order to continuously improve the quality of our products.

Our engagement

Maintenance and repair of all products

Whether your product is under warranty or not, whether it was purchased from SOREPCO S.E. or from another company, our after-sales service team is at your disposal for the maintenance or repair of your appliance.

Deadlines respected

Because a breakdown never happens at the right time and we always need to be able to organize ourselves, SOREPCO is committed to repairing your products as soon as possible. If your product is immobilized, we can offer you a loan or equipment rental solution.


No bad surprise! We carry out a complete diagnosis of your devices and provide you with a free quote for all products under warranty. You can consult the status of your file at any time by contacting customer service at our store.